Stories and Songs from Anew


In the interest of making information available quickly and clearly – here it is!! So many have been asking about the songs and stories from ‘Anew’ – and I realized I tucked the song list INSIDE the cd case instead of on the back cover [self-published, much?] so I want to make sure you can see WHO inspired all the songs.

And – what do I mean by ‘inspired’? All the songs on this project were written during sermons/messages/teaching times, and then sung to close that message. Right away. Super scary, but something I increasingly love to do. As part of my own personal devotion, I’m committed to being an active listener to all the extraordinary teaching I am privileged to hear – and I believe there’s something special about taking a moment at the end of a message to respond to the Word – to let it settle in the soul. So these songs were written at conference centers, churches, and gatherings around the world over the last few years. In a pile of dozens of songs, these seemed to stand out as having the ability to make sense outside of their created context. You may hear words or phrases that seem unusual, or not particularly poetic – most often, that’s because it’s a phrase that the speaker has used in their message, and it’s one of the ideas that swirled around as I wrote in response while listening.

In any case, it’s a terrifying thrill to put these out to the public, but one that I trust the Lord will bless – and I promise I’ll post better pictures soon. 🙂 I’m on the road and this is what I’ve got!

The teachers specifically cited in this project are Tony Evans, Joni Eareckson Tada, Lon Allison, Chip Ingram, Stuart Briscoe, Jill Briscoe, Larry Crabb, Woodrow Kroll, and Dr. Gene Rudd – with a shout out for my new hero Ruby Kendrick. Seriously. Click it. Then listen to ‘A Thousand Lives’.

Thank you all. Please, you encourage me so as you spread the word!

My iTunes artist page is here. All the ‘Anew’ songs are listed, but I don’t yet see it as a full album download. I’ll follow up on that, but in the meantime, it’s there!