Anew – Click HERE for the story of ANEW, how it was written, and why it is so special to me!

Songs of response, written during sermons and sung immediately afterwards. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve loved writing these songs, and I hope they’re an encouragement to the Church as we take an opportunity to respond Anew to His word. Click here to order: $15

 Click here to order on iTunes!


Hymns & Spiritual Songs

A collection of hymns you love, new settings of scripture, and a brand new setting of service music written for Zion Episcopal Church  in Oconomowoc – Order today!  $15

 Click here to order on iTunes!


Cradle and Cross

Cradle and Cross
 Reflections on Christmas and Easter – really, what else is there? Click here to order: $15 Order on iTunes HERE




Change in Time
Changes In Time

COMING SOON on CD –  Please order via iTunes HERE! 


The Steps of My Soul – currently unavailable BUT COMING SOON!

Steps of My Soul


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